"The ML7 GPS Data Logger is the most cost effective GPS tracking solution if you don't need real time live data."

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ML7 Mini Data Logger GPS

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ML-7 GPS  Mini Personal Tracker


ML7 Mini Data Logger is one of the smallest GPS data loggers in the world! This logger can perform well inside a covered environment, provided that it is near a window or other access to the sky.

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Description of the ML7 GPS Data Logger

 Included in the kit with the ML7 GPS data logger are software, adapter and cable.


    The ML7 mini GPS data logger is built around the MTK data logger chipset and the Transystem EB-230 GPS engine, and includes Flash memory for storing GPS logs. For charging the internal battery or uploading data, it has a USB-style cable to connect to your PC, using aTTL-level serial protocol (RS232), and requires a GPS-to-serial converter which is embedded in the cable. Although the cable resemble USB-to-mini-USB, an embedded chip converts USB signals to RS232and uses a mini-USB connector on the logger device to achieve the RS232 and power connection.


    You need the correct USB drivers to be able to communicate with the data logger. The cable included with the logger device uses the Prolific Technology Inc. PL-2303 USB-to-serial bridge chip (0x067b). Drivers can be downloaded at: www.prolific.com.tw/eng/downloads.asp?ID=31.

      Once the driver is installed, connecting to the serial port lets you see the live data logging (use a baud rate of 115200): screen /dev/tty.usb serial 115200.

    Download the logs, using only the supplied software and special USB cable. This enable the device to offload the USB IC to save space within the ml7 mini data logger. Serial TX and RX signals are delivered to the ML7 mini data logger where there should be USB-D+ and USB-D- on the miniB connector.


Features of the GPS Data Logger

  • 51 independent tracking channels
  • Ultra small size
  • 16Mb flash memory
  • 2 days battery life


FrequencyL1 frequency; 1575.42MHz support 51 independent tracking channels
AcquisitionCold Start: 36 sec.
Warm Start: 33 sec.
Hot Start: 1 sec.
Reacquisition<1 sec.
DynamicsAltitude: 18000m (max.)
Velocity: 515 m/sec. (max.)
Vibration: 4G (max.)
Supply VoltageDC 5V
Power ConsumptionData Record Mode <60mA
Power Saving Mode<0.5mA
Tracking: 30mA
NMEA MessageNMEA0183, default 115200
Log: RMC
DatumDefault WGS-84
Serial InterfaceTTL@2.8V
Dimensions46.9mm(L) x 18.1mm(W) x 14.9mm(H)
BatteryInclude 170mAh
Battery Life(ML7S) 60Hrs for 3min/point (interval is fixed)
(ML-7 / 5~6 hours (interval can be adjusted)
Operating Temperature0~40 degrees C
Storage Temperature-20~60 degrees CC
Operating Humidity<= 95%, non condensing
AccessoriesUSB charger
(The specification is subject to change without prior notice)


Applications for the ML7 Data Logger

ML-7 GPS Applications

  • Vehicle Tracking
  •             Dove Tracking
  •               Sports Tracking
  •             Photo Management


  • Workforce Tracking:

    Field Service Technicians, Couriers, etc.
  • Asset Tracking:

    Cars, Trucks, Construction Equipment, Boats, etc.
  • Pet Tracking:

    Dogs, Doves, Horses.
  • Personal Safety:

    Bail Bond Agents, Security Guards, etc.
  • Sport Tracking:

    Race car Speed and Distance Logging, Hikers


      Since it is so small, light and simple to use, the ML-7 is the perfect data logger for all your GPS tracking applications, for example: pet tracking, photo tagging, fitness tracking, vehicle tracking, wildlife tracking, asset tracking such as backpacks, laptop cases, suitcases.