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GPS Equipment Tracking and "bad apples"

    If you've been hit by a string of thefts there is a possibility that an employee may be the perpetrator. Keep system passwords, installation locations and user guides confidential.

    Covert GPS tracking can help you identify the thief, or GPS tracking can be used as a preventive measure. Informing employees that it has been installed may persuade the bad apple to move on to an easier target.

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GPS for Construction

Construction equipment theft has become a growing and lucrative lucrative market in the criminal world.


Approximately a billion dollars is lost in the USA each year due to theft of construction equipment and tools, according to the NICB..


When Do Thieves Strike?

    Thieves tend to favor weekends. About 37% of thefts are reported on Mondays; on arrival at work at the construction site, workers find that the equipment left parked the previous Friday is missing. When a jobsite is has little or no activity, that is a prime time and target for theft. The theives know that they have two days head start until the site reopens on Monday.


Who Steals Equipment?

    The sale of stolen construction equipment has become lucrative, and thieves are quick to take advantage of it. The equipment is stolen from one contractor and sold to another unsuspecting company, or is broken down and sold for parts.


What is the Condition of Recovered Equipment?

    The longer it takes to recover the equipment, the more damage there is likely to be. Two thirds of recovered vehicles are damaged, the severity usually commensurate with the duration that the equipment has been in the hands of the criminals.


Where is Equipment Recovered?

    Generally, stolen equipment remains within a local area, either on a construction site, or hidden in storage. Construction theft does not only take place in cities and urban districts; suburbs where building and construction growth is prevalent are also high-risk regions leaves the area; it is in storage or on a local jobsite. High risk regions include suburbs, where growth may be prevalent and construction equipment on jobsites vulnerable; by no means is vehicle thefit restricted to urban areas and cities.


Theft RIsk Awareness

    Few statistics show construction equipment loss at a national, state or local level. This is despite the fact that the value of construction equipment and its loss greatly impacts both contracting firms and small independent contracting companies, and also the general economy.This is a growing problem throughout the nation at jobsites, and GPS AnyPlace wishes to increase awareness in the hope of addressing this problem.

    Preventive measures may be implemented to reduce equipment loss and aid the police in their fight against equipment theft criminals. i Out of 17 states reporting equipment theft in 2002, seven theft rings were caught and disbanded, and additional equipment worth over four million dollars was recovered. Three million dollar worth of additional equipment were also discovered at three chop shops. If equipment is particularly desirable on the jobsite, it is also poplular with criminal elements. Protect your assets with GPS contstruction equipment tracking; let us show you how. Call us on (313) 402 0700 for a real time demo.