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GPS Tracking Breadcrumb Trails

    Using a GPS tracking system, a breadcrumb trail of points is displayed on the map on request, showing a vehicle's route during a specified time period.

    This can be used to maximize efficiency in routing where a customer query requires the fleet manager to know exactly where his drivers were at any given time, and for crucial vehicle theft recovery. The sooner the vehicle is recovered, the less likelihood there will be for loss and damage.

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GPS AnyPlace offers news coverage featuring our GPS fleet monitoring systems. stories and news concerning situations where our GPS fleet tracking and personal tracking systems have come to the rescue.


(GPS AnyPlace was formerly known as SecuraCom GPS)


One Portland Peterbilt stolen twice in one week -- the odds!

By Bryan Denson, The Oregonian
Monday, July 23, 2012   

   A $120,000 Peterbilt tractor rig was stolen off the same Portland parking lot twice in one week, a pair of odds-defying crimes that demonstrate the havoc today's satellite technology is playing on truck thieves.

A GPS tracker identified the locations of the stolen rig in both thefts, said Dave Chalmers, owner of Bridgetown Trucking, which leases the vehicle.

Investigators from the Clark County Sheriff's Office arrested 46-year-old Anthony Lukens at 12:40 p.m. on July 16, not quite nine hours after the 2010 Peterbilt vanished from Bridgetown's lot near Portland International Airport. Lukens was charged with first-degree possession of stolen property, a felony, said Sgt. Fred Neiman, a sheriff's spokesman.

Bridgetown officials recovered the Peterbilt and returned it to the lot. But it was stolen again at precisely 2:46:14 a.m. Monday, according to Gary Ryan, owner of GPS Anyplace, a St. Helens company that sells global positioning systems and monitors their movements.

Tracking software shows the truck stopped a few times in North Portland before crossing over the Columbia River into Washington shortly before 8 a.m., Ryan said. Bridgetown employees recovered the vehicle from a Target warehouse in Hazel Dell.

"The same truck, from the same place," he said. "It's just unbelievable. Thank God they didn't know it had GPS in it."

The thefts left Chalmers puzzling over the odds.


Stolen Rig

    A couple months ago some bad guys broke into my yard and stole one of the rigs. They didn’t find the system, so when I arrived at work at 6:00 a.m. and noticed the missing truck, I dinged it and saw that it had been parked for 10 minutes in a rough section of Hialeah. Getting the cops to move was an undertaking, but by 9:00 they had recovered my truck, several other stolen vehicles, and made several arrests. As several other branches have also had trucks stolen recently, I’ve been asked by quite a few people about the GPS AnyPlace system.

Ron Olson

    Warehouse Manager

    Orlando Waterworks






Stolen Truck in Arkansas Recovered Within 5 Minutes of Report to GPS AnyPlace Oregon Office

Saint, Helens, Oregon

    GPS AnyPlace reported today the recovery of a 2005 Ford Crew cab owned and operated by Redstone Construction located in Little Rock, Arkansas. The truck was parked out of sight of workers at a job site in Little Rock on July 7. Upon returning to the parked location it was discovered stolen at 6:25 PM CDT. The crew reported the truck stolen to Redstone Operations Manager, Troy Robertson at that time. GPS AnyPlace was notified at 6:26 PM CDT and located the truck parked in a private drive miles away from the construction site at 6:27 PM. Saline County Sheriff’s Office was notified and the truck was recovered within minutes.

    Redstone has utilized the tracking and fleet management features of the small covertly installed tracking device from GPS AnyPlace for over three years. The device is mounted in their trucks, cars and construction equipment. GPS AnyPlace owner Gary Ryan states, "This is another of many success stories we have participated in over the last 16 years of being a GPS tracking and fleet management company. We have successfully recovered cars, semi-trucks, boats, construction equipment and even a truck full of $200,000 worth of tires in Detroit for Belle Tire and Battery."

    Troy Robertson, Operations Manager at Redstone states, "After reviewing and testing several GPS products, we chose this solution due to its consistent operation, 24/7 support and all of the features that directly affect our bottom line, such as reducing our equipment down-time. Monitoring speeds, excessive idle times, miles driven, perimeter violations, knowing closest vehicle to a pick up location as well as maintenance alerts, sold us on this system. What’s really cool is how I can access my fleet even from my home or anywhere in the world that I travel."

    GPS AnyPlace operates 4 high-speed servers located in Atlanta, Georgia and Tampa, Florida with automatic failover and redundancy to insure 99.9% uptime. Our network partner KORE TELEMATICS insures rapid connections to our devices using the GSM/GPRS networks. With rising fuel costs and increasing competition in the construction industry, coupled with an increase in theft, Redstone analyzed the benefits of a real-time tracking and fleet management solution to provide the necessary tools it needs to increase profitability and reduce maintenance costs and down times.

    Ryan suggests the technology is beginning to be recognized as an affordable and viable resource with an actual return on investment. With the GSM/GPRS communication networks expanding rapidly with increasing capacity and reliability in operation, the deployment of mobile tracking devices is expanding with it. Increased coverage will mean seamless reporting from coast to coast with the efforts of network giants AT&T, T-Mobile and others.

    Ryan adds: "It is amazing that I can locate a stolen truck 1600 miles away within 4 seconds from the time I get a report. Communication technology and the internet coupled with our flagship GPS product BigBrother makes this all possible."

    Redstone is a civil engineering and large construction company with millions of dollars worth of equipment specializing in concrete and asphalt construction projects throughout Arkansas and adjacent states.


Elderly Veteran Mom Gets Lost 29 Miles from Home

    SecuraCom GPS, the wholly owned subsidiary of GPS AnyPlace, LLC, an Internet based GPS vehicle location and fleet management systems company, announced today, that the system successfully located a woman who on occasion suffers from memory lapse. While the person still had the capability to safely drive a car, she has on occasion become disoriented and unable to find her way back home.

    GPS AnyPlace President/CEO, Gary Ryan, received a call Sunday evening from Madeleine D., the daughter of the driver who called to report "We have just found my Mother 29 miles away from her home." Madeleine had suspected her Mother was missing and called her Brother to have him check to see if she was home. She was not and should have been.

    Madeleine then instructed her Brother to log into the GPS AnyPlace servers in Atlanta, Georgia via the internet and instructed him to simply enter the user name and password and hit the "track now" button. Within 5 seconds, the vehicle was located in a shopping mall. The use of Microsoft Mappoint and Google satellite maps pin pointed the position of the Mother's car, right down to the exact parking spot, where Police contacted the driver and escorted her to the Police department.

    Madeleine states, "If I had not purchased this system from your company back in 2005, we would have never found her. I really believe your system saved my Mother's life!"

    Affordable, accurate and consistent operation are what makes the BigBrother GSM tracking device a leader in the industry with thousands of units deployed world-wide. While the company mainly focuses on fleet users, often clients with similar situations to those of Madeleine, buy the system for peace of mind.

    The BigBrother GPS is a completely self contained live (real time) tracking device that enables fleet managers, concerned parents and others to simply view the real time and historical location, speed and heading of the vehicle being driven via the Internet at Installed in a covert manner and completely concealed within the vehicle, the unit features geographic out of area alerts, speed alerts, optional crash sensor and panic button alert notification features which immediately alert the family in the event of an emergency and more. BIG BROTHER GPS utilizes state of the art communication technology coupled with the latest Internet Linux based Server mapping platform enabling coverage virtually anywhere in the world where GSM wireless networks operate.

    GPS AnyPlace services small to large commercial fleet and contracting businesses world-wide with its network partner KORE Telematics and UHS Systems of Australia.


Datalogic International Secures 5,000 Unit Order with GPS Fleet Tracking Provider GPS AnyPlace

Irvine, CA, February 8

    A provider of GPS-based mobile asset tracking, secured mobile communications and network security, today announced that GPS fleet tracking provider GPS AnyPlace has entered into an OEM manufacturing agreement with DataLogic International to fill its growing need for a reliable multi-functional GSM/GPRS solution.

    Under the terms of the agreement, SecuraCom GPS will purchase 5,000 GPS tracking devices appropriately called BigBrother(TM) and associated airtime. The BigBrother GPS units, built to the product specifications of SecuraCom GPS and airtime will be delivered during the 2006 calendar year and are currently available as part of the SecuraCom GPS fleet tracking solution.

    SecuraCom GPS CEO Gary Ryan said, "After testing and reviewing several GSM products by various manufacturers, the decision to award this contract to DataLogic was based on a number of factors including consistency of product performance, competitive pricing and excellent product and customer support. We look forward to working with DataLogic to further enhance our presence and reputation for high quality and reliability in this rapidly growing marketplace."

Keith Moore, Chairman and CEO of DataLogic International commented, "We are excited to be working with SecuraCom GPS and look forward to a long and successful business relationship." The SecuraCom GPS decision to embrace DataLogic as its primary GPS solutions provider is further evidence of our commitment to quality, value and customer service. We believe 2006 will be a break out year for the GPS industry and we believe we are well positioned to meet the needs of this growing market. The agreement with SecuraCom GPS is a great start for DataLogic for 2006 and we look to continue to build upon our sales momentum throughout the year."

    BigBrother GPS is an integrated GPS location-tracking device with onboard wireless communication that utilizes industry standard communication methods. The device is designed to be discreetly installed to avoid detection and can be customized for most vehicle and mobile asset tracking applications. Expandable multiple input/output interfaces allow for monitoring such items as doors opening/shutting and power takeoff engagements. Output interfaces allow for locking/unlocking doors or disabling/enabling ignition and other client specific needs. The SecuraCom GPS BigBrother is distributed solely through GPS AnyPlace and its affiliate distributors and dealers internationally.


GPS AnyPlace A Solution to Real Time Tracking: Stolen Propane Trucks in Texas Cause Concern

DETROIT, Michigan June 2

Today The Associated Press reported that two propane-delivery trucks were stolen in San Antonio, Texas from a gas company over the holiday weekend, raising fears of what could happen if terrorists got hold of the explosive fuel.

    Had these trucks been equipped with the low cost satellite tracking solution manufactured and distributed by Detroit, Michigan-based GPS AnyPlace, finding them would have been as simple as a touch of a button. Internet based with coverage in Canada, Mexico and the USA, a real time location of the trucks is possible within 2 minutes of the request.

    The tracking devices are small and covertly installed within each truck, virtually invisible to the would-be thief. Gary Ryan, President of GPS AnyPlace suggests, "A low cost tracking device in the face of terrorist activity makes good sense and gives fleet owners a powerful tool to ensure full productivity of their mobile assets."

    Police Chief Albert Ortiz said Tuesday that his department does not suspect terrorism was behind the thefts. But officials said that since September 11 such a possibility cannot be ignored.

    "Four years ago, we would not be too concerned about this," San Antonio FBI agent Patrick Patterson said Wednesday on NBC's Today. "It would be a major theft and handled like any other criminal investigation. Because of the nature of the day, we are very concerned about the situation of these two trucks."

    One of the tankers carried 3,000 gallons of propane, while the other held 2,600 gallons, police said. The trucks were taken from a parking lot owned by Ferrellgas and have the company logo on them.

    Another FBI spokesman, Rene Salinas, said the market for propane in Mexico is strong and that the thieves could have been filling an order, mirroring a similar theft about 9 months ago. A nationwide alert has been posted and law enforcement officials in Mexico have been contacted, he said. "We don't want to alarm anyone," Salinas said. "But we do want people to be on the lookout."

    Also under investigation is the weekend theft of 15 gas canisters from an ambulance supply company. "We think it is a coincidence at this point," said Ortiz at a Tuesday news conference. He said 5 of the stolen canisters were empty, but others held nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and oxygen. Patterson said the theft of the canisters was unusual and they could be used for improvised explosive devices.