Trailer Tracker is the solution to your GPS trailer tracking problems.

Trailer Tracker

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GPS Trailer Tracker

Trailer Tracker Protects your Fleet

With GPS Trailer Tracking know instantly the status and location of each trailer in your fleet. Prevent malfunction, abuse and theft of your trailer and precious cargo with useful alerts and reports to so that you can take immediate action.


Reporting Enhances Fleet Maintenance

    Mechanical problems such as brake failure and blowouts can be caused by a sloppy maintenance schedule. Our GPS system will remind you to service your vehicles on a user-specified basis.

Trailer Tracker - GPS AnyPlace

GPS Trailer Tracker

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GPS AnyPlace offers the GPS Trailer Tracker with our very efficient Solar Panel Technology. Use GPS trailer tracking to stay connected even when your trailer is not!

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Trailer Tracker

    Having real time information enables fleet managers to know the location and status of each trailer. Avoid theft, operational malfunction and misuse with expedient reports and alerts. The BigBrother GPS trailer tracking system enables you to increase productivity and enhance customer satisfaction.


    After over 10 years of testing and design refinement, GPS AnyPlace proudly announces the successful and affordable solution to missing or misplaced trailers. Now, twice a day, your trailer will automatically tell you “Here I am”. You can also track your trailer location up to 30 times per month at no additional charge.


    No longer does the trailer depend on a properly wired truck or a bulky battery. You cannot afford NOT to have this tool to better manage the location of your trailer fleet.



Trailer Tracker GPS with Solar Panel
Covert installation of trailer tracker GPS using solar panel technology


Our system includes the BigBrother GPS Trailer Tracker device, a state-of-the-art solar panel, a proprietary battery power management controller and a Hammond waterproof enclosure. Installation takes about 10 minutes. We utilize the latest solar panel technology to provide 5 years of uninterrupted trailer tracking service.

    The solar panel is 12 inches by 12 inches and has a height of less than an inch. The actual GPS unit located inside the Hammond enclosure measures 4.7 inches long, 2.6 inches wide and only 1.65 inches high.

    The satellite map display shows the location of your trailer within 10 feet or less when using the GPS satellites. In the event the trailer is in a shop and satellite view is not possible, the unit switches over to a Cellular tower triangulation mode for tracking within a structure.

    The system has optional sensory capability to alert you to doors open/closed, or if the trailer is moving, or outside a secured pre-programmed perimeter area (geo-fence). The unit can also integrate to temperature controls to alert you in the event you have a refrigeration failure on perishable goods.

    For more detailed and specific information contact Gary Ryan at (313)402 0700.