GPS Personnel Tracking to monitor your workforce; drivers, field operatives, salesmen, technicians ...

GPS Personnel Tracking

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GPS Personnel Tracking

GPS Personnel Tracker keeps you in touch

Stay Connected with Employees

    Personnel monitoring devices make a superb companion in the case of a remote worker as their position can be ascertained at will.

    If danger or conflict threaten, they have the peace of mind in knowing that their location is recorded and known, and that assistance can be sent to that exact place to alleviate their situation.

GPS Personnel Tracking - GPS AnyPlace


GPS AnyPlace offers options for GPS personnel tracking. Our BigBrother tracking unit is ideal for vehicle and fleet tracking, and our WalkAbout Personal Tracker keeps you tuned in to your employee with tracking and "listen-in" feature. Whatever your personnel tracking needs, we can help.


 In hazardous environments, it is essential to ensure the safety of employees and avoid company liability. Companies need to be assured that their personnel are in the correct place at the right time to minimize wasted time, loss of company property, and avoid customer dissatisfaction. 


The GPS AnyPlace WalkAbout GPS Personnel Tracker gives you ultimate control. Your password-protected, internet-based, password protected user panel enables you to discreetly and quickly obtain location data with map showing street address or latitude/longitude, set up geofencing and email notification, choose automatic or manual tracking and obtain historical tracking data and set your report rate.


    Our GPS personnel tracking solutions can be used by GPS law enforcement tracking or GPS private investigator tracking, corporate security, to keep track of personnel and remote workers.

Industries: Transportation, mining, gaming, cruise ships

Personal Safety: High profile executives, security guards, business travelers

Workforce Tracking: Salesmen, couriers, service technicians in the field

Vehicle Tracking: Rental cars, shuttle buses, delivery trucks

Asset Tracking: Construction equipment, shipping containers, other portable assets. laptops (a laptop is stolen or lost every twelve seconds).


Private Investigators

We offer a listen-in feature, making it also ideal for covert investigation applications. You can use the internet or your cell phone to find the device’s real-time location.


Law Enforcement

Our GPS personal tracking devices have been used successfully in the law enforcement sector. Of particular interest was the ability to have different reporting frequencies in different areas, that is, inner city and the open road. Read a testimonial from one of our clients.