BigBrother GPS tracking devices are compact, effective and reliable.

BigBrother GPS Tracking Devices

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BigBrother GPS Tracking Device Applications

 BigBrother GPS tracking devices may be deployed to monitor and manage fleets of vehicles, marine applications, trailers and construction equipment.


Any and all mobile assets which use batteries can take advantage of the superior capabilities of these systems.


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BigBrother GPS Tracking Devices - GPS AnyPlace

BigBrother GPS tracking device

With our real time GPS tracking devices, our clients see an iinstant increase in productivity. There is also a reduction in fuel costs, overtime, and vehicle maintenance. Merely controlling vehicle speed can reduce maintenance costs by 30%.

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BigBrother GPS Fleet Management Technology

   With complete accountability from our GPS tracking devices and powerful web based reporting features, you can better manage effective use of your vehicles. The bottom line is more efficient use of your money and mobile assets.

    A stealthy thief can and may steal your vehicle if you let him. Stop theft before it happens with a superior GPS tracking device. The comparatively small investment in GPS fleet tracking system is better by far than the enormous and sometimes crippling expense for a missing or destroyed vehicle! Virtually eliminate this possibility with our remote starter disable feature, or track the crooks and let the police catch them in the act!

    Equipped with a quad band GSM/GPRS transceiver and high gain 12 parallel GPS receiver, our GPS tracking devices ensure that your mobile assets are always virtually visible.The compact size makes them ideal for covert installation.

Reliable Data Delivery

    GPS AnyPlace has multiple co-located servers with automatic failover to ensure 99.9% uptime. Our servers operate on a very stable Linux system which utilizes Cisco routers. Messages are sent by BigBrother in a Universal Time, time-stamped algorithm for prompt and successful critical data delivery. 2,400 records can be stored If the vehicle is outside a GSM network coverage area, then recalled and dispatched when GSM coverage is resumed. Thus, no data is lost due to poor reception in remote areas.


Compact sizeMakes for easy covert installation: L 6.37" W 3.25” H 1.50”.
Digital GSM/GPRS protocol: 850/900/1800/1900MHzThis protocol provides communication coverage and tracking ability on an international scale.
Custom virtual bordersAutomatic alerts for vehicle entrance to or exit from a specific re-determined location (geofence).
Custom state bordersfor IFTA mileage reports.
Remote internet configurationSpeed, boundaries, stop, starts can be changed via the internet.
Automatic data logging BigBrother GPS tracking devices store up to 2000 events per day when in poor GSM coverage areas.
Out of range data loggingStores data in areas of poor or no reception.
Normal-standby-sleep modesProvides longer battery life of vehicle.
3 inputsPTO engaged, door open or closed, or other switched events.
2 outputsUnlock door or other user-defined actions
Speed and idletime reportsProvides overspeed and unproductive idle time alerts.
Movement alertTime/date including starts, stops, mileage, route, duration.
Trip reportingStart and stop reports, theft & unauthorized vehicle use alerts.
Battery backupIn the event of battery disconnect unit reports for 27-36 hours.
Low battery reportAlert when battery voltage falls below normal operation.
BigBrother GPS tracking devices meet your monitoring needs.


BigBrother GPS Tracking Device Configuration and Benefits

  • 3-wire covert installation is easy under the dashboard with a high gain antenna.
  • Our system provides for worldwide coverage, and future GSM network frequency additions.
  • We can monitor your unit on a handheld device, such as a Blackberry or I-Phone.
  • We can install custom hardware, toughbook computers, or HP Minis to meet your specific requirements.
  • We can integrate truck routing, dispatch features, third party messaging and other solutions into our technology framework.
  • There is no need to remove the device from the vehicle in order to change preferred settings like speed, boundaries, stop times, etc. These settings can be altered over the air, which eliminates costly and time-consuming hardware replacement and ungrades.
  • In areas of poor reception, real time data is stored in memory for later retrieval as soon as there is strong signal acquisition.


BigBrother GPS Tracking Device Capability

  • Monitor and improve driver behavior, and prevent unauthorized vehicle usage and theft.
  • You can define a “perimeter fence” to monitor a driver’s unauthorized movement into and out of a predetermined zone, with proactive alerts sent via email or text message.
  • The system provides start and stop information.This data may be sent via text or a report, and helps to prevent unauthorized vehicle use.
  • The reports show time and date of every trip including starts, stops and miles driven, as well as time en route and route taken.
  • Our GPS tracking devices provide data storage and forwarding of 2,700 daily event records. This eliminates data loss in areas of poor or no reception.
  • The system provides speeding alerts, as well as non-productive idle time reports to reduce operating costs and improves efficiency.
  • Visual point-to-point Google maps display vehicle movement history for the day, to show driver activity and highlight unauthorized movement.
  • BigBrother GPS tracking devices prevent theft, and dispatch immediate notification via text message to your cell phone in the event of unauthorized vehicle movemen, based on predetermined conditions.
  • The unit also alerts the customer when the main battery falls below normal operating parameters, saving time and money.