Our Marine Tracking devices enable
you to track boats for location,

theft prevention and safety.

Marine Tracking

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Marine GPS Boat Tracking

Marine Tracking - stay on course

    Commercial fleet managers can keep track of offshore assets including barges, tugboats, ferries, cruise ships, and supply vessels.

    Yacht owners can remotely follow progress of their professionally crewed yacht underway. Google Maps show detailed views with satellite images, and the user can zoom in to the harbor, cove or dock.

   Cruising vessel tracking gives comfort to observe seafarer location and take action if needed.

Marine tracking with Google maps

google map

Marine Tracking - GPS AnyPlace

Marine Applications

On average 775 water craft are heisted monthly, which costs vessel owners and insurers over 40 million dollars per year, so GPS marine tracking makes sense.


Marine Tracking Application Features

  • Remotely monitor your boat's location whether on the water or on a trailer.
  • Is your boat floating or sinking? Utilize our bilge pump auxiliary float switch activation. In the event of bilge pump failure when the water level in the bilge rises to a point where it activates the float switch, an immediate cellular text message will alert you that your boat is sinking.
  • Automatic alert for shore power interrupt
  • Remote single or twin engine shutoff.
  • Engine hour mainternance alerts.
  • Integrate our system into your existing alarm system to maximize remote warning.
  • BigBrother GPS Marine security and monitoring system includes everything you need to assist you in protecting your vessel from theft, unauthorized access and sinking.
  • BigBrother GPS Marine links you directly to your boat no matter where you are in the world. You receive instant reports via email or text message. Your secure personal web page shows vessel status, alarm history and event locations. Set geo-fence boundaries directly from your computer.


Waterproof casing for GPS Marine Tracking Unit

Waterproof Casing for Marine Tracking Unit


Bilge pump warnings and engine disablers

    Bilge pumps are on a boat to pump out water which should not be present.. Some boats have alarms that go off when water is detected. Our Marine GPS units monitor an alarm, or we add a secondary float switch which when activated causes a message to be sent to cell phone or email. Engine Disable prevents the motors from being started. Shore power alerts tells you if your dockside power supply has failed. When you tie up to a dock, you hook up electricity to the boat to keep things charged, refrigerators running and boat batteries charged etc. If the shore power fails, you have a problem and we tell you about it.