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Geofence GPS Border Crossing and IFTA Tax



Make use of GPS Fleet Tracking IFTA Fuel Tax and Border Crossing Management Technology with our accurate and flexible geofence capability


What is a geofence?

A Geofence is a virtual defined perimeter of a defined geographical area. It is really a set of boundaries which can be used in conjunction with GPS tracking to create zones. If these boundaries are crossed, a warning event can be triggered and a message sent via email or text message to an operator, and the vehicle tracked to prevent possible theft.


Geofence GPS Fleet Tracking IFTA Tax and Border Crossing Technology

    GPS AnyPlace offers maps and reporting for transport companies which operate interstate, utilizing our Border Crossing event technology feature. This information can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet which provides a convenient and cost effective summary to help in the calculation of your I.F.T.A. tax liability.


Your secure login and password give easy access to the GPS AnyPlace website. All information is internet-based, and once logged in you have access to a broad spectrum of reports and real time tracking of your fleet of vehicles. These provides fleet managers with all the tools they need to systematiscally make the best informed decisions possible for the wellbeing of the vehicles in their care.


I.F.TA. tax reporting is achieved through the use of a geofences, which are boundaries placed around designated zones. In the case of interstate vehicle monitoring, these geofences are set to coincide with the state border crossing points. In this way, the mileage traveled within a state can be readily recorded, and used with software such as Excel to determine tax costs.


Geofences have many other uses besides tax calculation. They can be used to monitor vehicles entering or leaving multiple areas and can be set for specific times such as evenings or weekends to ensure the moonlighting in company vehicles does not occur.


Another use is the ability to set, for instance, a frequent tracking interval in a city center, and a lower rate of tracking frequency on the open road, enabling the controller to keep a closer watch when required or desired.