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    A driver's acitivities become transparent; location, date and time of ignition on/off and idling time give you crucial information and enable you to control and optimize your driver's time effectively.

    Is he spending company time at Hooters, or going home for a nap? These alerts can be custom defined, and serve to give you notice if your employee is taking unauthorized advantage of company assets.

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GPS AnyPlace provides a range of high quality GPS trackers and monitoring solutions, including GPS trackers for fleets and GPS personal trackers, to businesses and consumers throughout the USA and worldwide.

    Whether you require GPS fleet tracking devices to keep track of a fleet of vehicles or heavy construction equipment, or need to track personnel or a family member, we have gps tracking products and solutions which are ideal for you. Our superior state-of-the-art software and tracking features, reasonably priced sturdy hardware together with configurable features which can be geared to your specific requirements, makes us the best solution around. Add that to our expert, caring staff who are available day and night to help you with your GPS fleet tracking and personal tracker needs; you really do have a big brother looking after you and your assets!

The flexibility of our BigBrother GPS fleet tracking devices range give us the ability to consult with fleet owners, fleet managment and potential users to determine the very best solution to meet their specific requirements. All customers have different needs, and are proud that we can offer the ability to customize our GPS tracking systems to meet whatever our customer needs. There is no need to remove the GPS tracking device from the vehicle; we can make system changes remotely, so there is no down time or inconvenience to our customers.

    We specialize in GPS fleet tracking devices with BigBrother GPS , and our range has been expanded to include BigBrother GPS Marine Tracker, BigBrother GPS Trailer Tracker, BigBrother GPS Teenager Tracker and WalkAbout GPS Personal Tracker. We also offer solutions for GPS construction equipment tracking, and we have a new product in our range; the ML7 mini data logger, which is one of the most compact data loggers in the world.