GPS AnyPlace has the best GPS system - these are some of our success stories

Best GPS System - Tracking Testimonials

GPS AnyPlace Testimonials

Best GPS System Summary Reports

Confirm or Replace Timesheets

    With accurate GPS Summary Reports, you can more accurately monitor driver productivity, and confirm or reduce overtime costs. Quickly scan to determine a driver's total work hours for a day, a week or a month. These reports can be used in lieu of inaccurate timesheets, or to confirm driver reported hours.

Tracking Testimonials GPS AnyPlace

GPS AnyPlace Testimonials

Read our GPS tracking testimonials to see why we have the best GPS system. We're delighted by positive feedback from fleet owners, relieved parents, and others who use our products with great results. Their success stories range from locating teens in life-threatening situations , to recovering stolen construction equipment, to saving thousands annually and streamlining their business..

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Whitfield Recycling


I just finished installing the last of the three BigBrothers. I am working on my border crossings and will get the list to the tech guy soon. I already see where these units are going to be a great tool and a cost saver to our company. I can already see that I have an idle time issue and have already found a driver going home early instead of returning for another load.


Robert Manspeaker

Whitfield Recycling


Bimbo Bakeries

    Bimbo Bakeries USA in the Pacific Northwest have been using GPS AnyPlace tracking on our tractors for the past 3 years. The reports generated give daily details of fleet movement, border crossings, delivery times, location of equipment, speed and a detailed map showing all movement for any period of time. These reports are used to manage our usage of equipment and produce estimated cost for future delivery needs. GPS AnyPlace tracking can be adapted to meet the present and future needs for all trucking companies.

Kenneth M. Armstrong

Northwest Transportation Manager - Bimbo Bakeries


Teenage Driver Tracking

It's not just the every day and night peace of mind I got knowing I could find my teen who was in severe crisis, it was knowing that this GPS device was all it said it was. When my son ran away and drove to Arizona, this GPS system allowed me to find EXACTLY where he was at all times. It literally saved his life.

My son was on an unrelenting path of self-destruction. He was at the most dangerous time in his young life, addicted to drugs, a runaway, no direction or goals, extremely low self-esteem and suicidal. There is no question that he would have died had I not installed this device in his car. I could tell the police precisely where he was, and he was picked up, and safe. Thank you for my son's life.

Mandy Krystofiak

Albuquerque, NM


Rojac Trucking

    Trucking owner/operator, Mathew Jantco states; "After reviewing and testing several GPS products we chose the SecuraCom GPS solution, based on consistent operation and impressive additional features. Monitoring speed, mileage, excessive idle times, perimeter violations, nearest vehicle to a pickup location, and maintenance alerts sold us on this system. I can access my fleet even from my home or anywhere I travel worldwide."

    Rojac Trucking is a long-established and reputable common carrier of property by motor vehicle over irregular routes on the island of Maui. Rojac provides general freight and equipment hauling across the island and is recognized for its superior service and on time deliveries.

Mathew Jantco

Rojac Trucking, Wailuku, Maui-Hawaii


La Grange Police Department

    I could not ask for better service than we have received from you over the past months. Without question you can use the La Grange Police Department as a reference. I apologize for all of the trouble you have had to go through to get our program off the ground. I greatly appreciate all your efforts and willingness to work with us in getting our program started. For what it is worth, I felt like your company and product would be top notch from the beginning. Dave Grimes only deals with the best. We have been friends for many years and highly respect each others opinion

Chief J. L. Sullivan

La Grange Police Department