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Tracking GPS FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about GPS Tracking

What are GPS Tracking Solutions?


Based on customer input data, GPS AnyPlace tracking solutions will alert you when your vehicle maintenance becomes overdue.

    You can see at a glance which vehicles need to be serviced at any given time; another handy tool to aid in effective fleet management.

GPS FAQ for GPS AnyPlace

GPS Tracking Questions Answered

GPS FAQ - What is BigBrother GPS?

BigBrother is our internet-based mobile asset and GPS fleet tracking device. It will ensure that you know the whereabouts of your vehicles and equipment at all times. Its compact nature makes it a logical choice for easy covert installation.

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GPS FAQ - What is...?

What is GPS Fleet Tracking?

    A GPS tracking device is a device uses Global Positioning to pinpoint the exact location of any asset to which it is attached, whether it is a vehicle, person or craft or any other mobile asset, and report and record that position at regular intervals. The collected data may be stored within the tracking unit or transmitted to a database or computer over the internet, using a satellite modem or GPRS radio embedded inside the unit. The location and speed of the asset may thus be displayed on a map, immediately in real time, or later when in depth analysis is required.


What is a GPS tracking alert?

    It enables the user to set parameters you and receive notifications of violationsto give control over your fleet management and not wasting time gleaning through reports or having to pore over maps. Customized alerts may be set up which are only sent when violations of the rules occur. GPS AnyPlace alerts may be defined for vehicle idle time, speeding against posted speed limit, border crossings, possible theft, maintenance and much more.


What reports are available?

    Reports are provided for an accurate accounting of all vehicle activity in your fleet This includes start and stop times, mileage, and idling, violation reports, travel time broken down by state or customized territory for fuel tax reporting or record validation. Overspeed reports set to custom parameters, long stops, weekend movement, late starts or early finishes, and possible theft reports.

GPS FAQ - How do I...?

How do I save on insurance rates?

    Most insurance companies offer substantial discounts when tracking systems are installed in fleet vehicles.


Insurance Companies Which Offer Discounts for Installed Anti-Theft Devices *

  • AAA Insurance to 18%
  • AIG Insurance to 15%
  • Allstate Insurance (CA, TX, NY, FL) to 10%
  • ALFA Insurance (AL) to 10%
  • Farmers Insurance to 15%
  • Fireman's Fund to 5%
  • Geico to 10%
  • Georgia Farm Bureau Insurance (GA) to 15%
  • Liberty Mutual to 25%
  • Mercury Insurance to 30%
  • Nationwide Insurance (CA) to 10%
  • Progressive Insurance to 15%
  • Safeco Insurance to 10%
  • USAA Insurance to 33%
  • 21st Century Insurance to 15%


States with Mandated Anti-theft Device Discounts *

  • Illinois
  • Kentucky
  • Louisiana
  • Massachusetts
  • Minnesota
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • New York
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Texas

* Discount percentages vary by State. Each insurance carrier has its own underwriting guidelines and not all applicants will qualify.

Source: National Association of Insurance Commissioners.


  • How do I register and start using the product?

    Follow the instructions shipped to you with your unit. It is very quick and easy.

GPS FAQ - Where...?

Where will my unit work?

    Anywhere you have internet access and wireless global positioning coverage.

    Currently the unit will work in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Australia, Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, South America, parts of Mexico and most countries with GSM communication capabilities.

    BigBrother GPS MarineĀ links you directly to your boat no matter where you are in the world. You receive instant reports via email or text message.

   In order to satisfy the requirements of accuracy, the satellite's atomic clocks are corrected by the GPS which uses the principles of general relativity to effect this.

GPS FAQ - Are there...?

Are there any contracts?

Contracts are not required and you have the flexibility to seasonally have your unit on our standby plan so when you are ready to use it again, there are no new activation fees. In times of economic difficulty or seasonal down times, you can merely switch to standby mode until business picks up, and should you so desire you can cancel the service at any time giving us a month's notice, although we are sure that once you experience the security and cost savings of your system, you won't wish to do so!


Are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs. All costs are clearly outlined on our website.

GPS FAQ - What if...?

What if my drivers speed, breach a geofence or set off a panic button and I am not at my computer?

    The system will record the event in the daily data log for review at any time that is convenient to you, your staff or the fleet manager. You can optionally receive immediate alerts via email or text messages to specified devices for each event.


What if a vehicle enters an area with poor or no wireless coverage?

    BigBrother GPS systems have store and forward capabilities. The information is captured in real time and once the vehicle enters an area with coverage, the data is instantly transmitted. Even if a vehicle is out of contact for an extended time, all data for that period will be sent to the system once the vehicle resumes contact.