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GPS Fleet Tracking Geofence Explained

GeoFence Benefits

    A Geofence is a custom set perimeter around a location. Once a geo-fence is in place, any crossing of the perimeter border will trigger an alert. It can be further customized to exclude certain times or days when crossing would be acceptable. These filters prevent false alarms, and enable this feature to be highly effective in preventing unauthorized vehicle use, moonlighting and theft.

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Our GPS Fleet Tracker keeps track of vital fleet data; speed and location refrigerated for the protection and safety of your vehicles, drivers, cargo and equipment.


    Our GPS Fleet Tracking System will meet your every fleet management requirement, and if there is something unusual you would like to monitor, we have the ability to accomodate your tracking needs.

    Fleet owners and commercial truck operators may benefit from the findings of studies conducted by the Department of Energy on the effects of speed and idling on their vehicles:

How the Engine is Affected:

    Analysis of the road experience indicates that the ideal speed for an average truck is 50 to 55 miles per hour, at which speed the amount of power required to accelerate multiplies expontentially.

  • It requires 73% more horsepower to cruise at 60 miles per hour.
  • It requires 159% more horsepower to cruise at 70 miles per hour.


How Fuel Cost is Affected:

    Each mile per hour above fifty miles per hour increases the consumption of fuel by 1 1/2 percent. A truck, which averages 8 miles per gallon at 50 miles per hour averages 6.8 miles per gallon at 60 miles per hour.Thus driving at the speed limit saves 1.2 miles per gallon, which is substantial given the long distances that drivers can travel.


How Tires are Affected:

    The number one enemy of tires is heat. If high speed is sustained, the temperature of tires is raised to a critical level, causing tires to weaken and wear rapidily, producing an overall tire degeneration. Wear will about double at seventy miles per hour or higher.


Using GPS Fleet Tracker to Monitor your Fleet and Locate Your Vehicles

  • Unique real time fleet management and safety tools at your immediate disposal.
  • Proof of timekeeping and performance of both vehicle and driver.
  • Reduce, reinforce or eliminate redundant paperwork, ensure logging accuracy and reduce delays.
  • Unlimited sub-user access for critical fleet information.
  • Effective fleet management with accurate and detailed immediately available reports.
  • Facilitates instant cost-saving fleet deployment and vehicle dispatch decisions.


GPS Fleet Tracking Key Info

  • As they occur, speed violations are reported to you by email or text message, as you prefer.
  • Your maintenance reports are a useful addition to your fleet safety tools. Immediately determine the Current location, heading and vehicle speed can be determined across the entire American continent into most of the far reaches of Canada and as far south as you can reach in South America.
  • Monitoring features such as remote unlock, remote starting, termperature control, and panic button use six input and output ports. Email and text message notification of geofence violations, on/off switch parameters, theft and speeding are available as standard features.