GPS Tracking Solutions

    We offer GPS tracking for fleets and vehicles, marine tracking, trailer tracker and gps equipment tracking devices. Our range of gps tracking personal solutions includes gps personnel tracking, teenager tracking and gps data logger. We offer full satellite communication devices for land and marine applications where GSM/celluar networks are unavailable, to monitor such things as methane pump operations at coal mines.

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GPS Tracking Trade-in Program

We currently offer a

GPS fleet monitoring system trade-in program to upgrade other existing tracker systems.

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GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS Fleet Tracking
"The savings and cost effectiveness are impressive."

    We provide theft detection, and on-demand monitoring as well as automatic tracking. The GPS tracking device settings can be configured, modified and updated remotedly over the air.

    BigBrother GPS Tracker offers flexible options for vehicle maintenance, vehicle theft detection and recovery, and live tracking on demand with customizable user configuration, which we will help to set up for you.


  • Our GPS monitoring systems offers huge reductions in fuel costs.
  • Prevent excessive speeding and overtime while upgrading customer service and increasing vehicle driver productivity.
  • Covert installation of the GPS tracking device can aid in the prevention of vehicle theft.
  • Monitor idle time and routes traveled.
  • Stay informed when our email or text message alerts report to you immediately as speeding and location violations occur.
  • Eliminate theft of company time, lower insurance rates, positively influence driver behavior and reduce damage to equipment.
  • No waiting for data retrieval, no need to download tracking software; the information is at your fingertips whenever you need it.
  • Use our GPS monitoring system in conjunction with Inmarsat-C satellite tracking to provide coverage in remote areas.
  • For companies needing to know their mileage within state borders, for instance when IFTA tax figures are required, our geofence capabilities let you know how many miles have been traveled in designated states.


  • Use real time fleet tracking for successful vehicle theft recovery.
  • Monitor vehicle driver behavior to reduce fuel consumption and idle time.
  • Fleet tracking management can reduce overtime and paperwork.
  • Download report history on all vehicles for your records.
  • Eliminate unauthorized vehicle use with custom alerts and geofences.
  • Increase route efficiency and response time with our effective Dispatch feature.
  • Intuitive, easy to use online software interface is provided for vehicle monitoring.
  • Precision mapping and accurate reports are at your fingertips 24/7.
  • Your tracking system gives real time updates on vehicle location, usage and status.
  • Report frequency and alerts are customized to suit your requirements.
  • View your entire fleet at a glance on one Google map in real time.
  • Monitor driver activity for accurate billing and safe driving techniques.


Your Return on Real Time Tracker BigBrother GPS is usually under six months.

    Our average client has seen a productivity and savings increase of between $100 and $400 a month per vehicle. This savings more than cover the monthly airtime monitoring costs. The extra money and time saved with a tracking system in the first year alone are enough to purchase an entire system 3 times over!


Networks Supported

    Our GPS monitoring systems have been successfully used all over the United States and Canada, United Kingdom and Europe, Mexico and Puerto Rico, Latin and South America, Vietnam, China and Autralia. All major cellular providers are supported by the network.


GPS AnyPlace - the company

  GPS AnyPlace, established in 2000, are suppliers of excellent GPS fleet tracking systems and personal trackers. GPS AnyPlace has an acclaimed track record for exceptional service. Our experienced and knowledgeable team provides 24 hour support in event of a crisis. Our GPS fleet tracking systems are precise, reliable and affordable. We can customize settings parameters to suit our customers' requirements, giving you the flexibility you need.


   GPS AnyPlace have an impressive installed base of approximately 2,000 GPS customers, and have directly or indirectly placed over 30,000 of our GPS tracking systems in various applications world wide. These systems¬†encompass a wide variety of mobile applications. These include tracking of fleets for vehicles, boats, cars, trucks, and construction equipment.  We have also installed our units on both fixed wing aircraft as well as helicopters and center pivot irrigation systems, as well as mining applications.


    Our fleet tracking customer base includes such national companies as DSU Peterbilt, Klaasmeyer Construction, Redstone Construction and Belletire. We are happy to provide services to a wide cross-section of regional and local enterprises and individuals.


Our GPS monitoring systems may be customized to your specific needs.